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Roster & Jersey Information


Please use this link to view the rosters and jersey information for the 2021-22 Winter Hockey season. If you notice an error in the spelling of your child's name, or an error in the jersey size, please email me directly in the next few days. We need to put the jersey order in this week in order to have them for the season, so please do not delay.

We are not taking any requests for jersey number changes. Typically the jersey numbers are assigned on each team based on the age of the player, with older players getting first dibs. If all three jersey options entered upon registration were taken, then another jersey number was assigned.

Team sponsors were assigned to teams with the sponsor's children on them. In some events, multiple children of sponsors were on one team. In this event, one sponsorship was moved to another team.

Have a great season,

Kevin Pedrick

Phantom Store Merchandise

Phantom Store Merchandise

Snack Stand Duty Signup (Above at Blue Arrow)

Parents will have the ability to add money to their team account through PayPal which can be accessed from the attached link below (Buy Now). Please make sure you post the coaches name to your team snack stand deposit. This allows the players to go to the snack stand after each game. You may also pay by cash at the stand, the stand coordinators (Heather and Melissa) will add your name to the book under your team page.


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