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Winter Hockey


Please use the link below to look at the 2020 Winter Street Hockey rosters, jersey sizes, and numbers. Choice of jersey number was prioritized to the oldest child on each team. 2nd and 3rd jersey number choices were then used. In the rare occasion where all three numbers were chosen by older teammates, a random number was assigned (typically based on a great player I watched when growing up ;)

Also, the registration allowed Adult Extra Small as an option of choice for jersey size, but our printer told me that should not be an option. Youth Extra Large or Adult Small are the options to choose from. Now we know for the next registration. I changed the sizes on the link below accordingly, but please let me know if it needs to be adjusted.

We are not taking requests for jersey number changes. However, if you see an error in the spelling of a name or a mistake in the jersey size, please email me directly at

We will be putting the jersey order in soon, so please do not delay.

Thank you,
Kevin Pedrick

EHTSHA Season Update

EHTSHA Winter Hockey

Program Preparation Plan

Will be Updated Soon for the Winter Season

Phantom Store Merchandise

Phantom Store Merchandise

Snack Stand Duty Signup (Above at Blue Arrow)

The snack stand will open for the All Star Games beginning Tuesday February 4th.  There are sections blocked off per team coach. Please signup and give some time.  Click the link above at the blue arrow.

Parents will also have the ability to add money to their team account through PayPal which can be accessed from the attached link below (Buy Now). Please make sure you post the coaches name to your team snack stand deposit. This allows the players to go to the snack stand after each game. You may also pay by cash at the stand, the stand coordinators (Heather and Melissa) will add your name to the book under your team page.


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